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Andy's Museum of Knackered Old Computers

Sinclair Spectrum Peripherals

Sinclair Spectrum peripherals

A selection of the many peripherals that were available for the Spectrum.

Left: Alphacom 32 printer
This thermal line printer was a third-party alternative to the official Sinclair ZX printer. It had the advantage of printing on white paper, unlike Sinclair's "silver bog-roll burner".

Back right: A Spectravideo Quickshot II joystick, connected to a Kempston-compatible joystick interface made by DK'tronics.

Front centre: Currah Microspeech speech synthesiser
This little box generated a voice so robotic it would make Steven Hawking sound like Kelsey Grammar. Nevertheless, being able to make your Spectrum talk was huge fun.

Front right: Currah Microslot
This little device doubled up the Spectrum's expansion slot, so you could plug in two peripherals at once. Assuming you could find two peripherals that actually played nicely together of course.