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Manx Grand Prix 2007 - Senior Classic race

For 500cc classic bikes
Photos taken at Braddan Bridge

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Alan Oversby, Ian Lougher (179kb)

Ian Lougher (380 Honda) (100kb)

Ian Lougher (380 Honda) (120kb)

John Goodall (Matchless G50) (112kb)

John Goodall (Matchless G50) (128kb)

Ryan Farquhar (Paton BIC 500) (143kb)

Ryan Farquhar (Paton BIC 500) (115kb)

Steve Linsdell (Paton BIC 500) (151kb)

Steve Linsdell (Paton BIC 500) (137kb)

Allan Brew (Seeley G50) (119kb)

Wattie Brown (500 Petty Manx) (121kb)

Wattie Brown (500 Petty Manx) (100kb)

Tony Cawte, John Burrows (107kb)

Tony Cawte, Bob Price (147kb)

Bob Millinship (472 Ducati) (119kb)

Bob Millinship (472 Ducati) (87kb)

Bob Price (Seeley G50) (91kb)

Mark Parrett, Bob Price (151kb)

Tony Myers (500 Manx Norton) (142kb)

Davy Morgan (500 Drixton Honda) (106kb)

Keith Dixon (Seeley G50 MkII) (102kb)

Meredydd Owen (Seeley MkII) (127kb)

Alan "Bud" Jackson (500 Manx Norton) (109kb)

Steve Elliott (500 Honda) (88kb)

Steve Elliott, Alan "Bud" Jackson (168kb)

Ken Davis, Henry Bell (101kb)

Ken Davis, Henry Bell (146kb)

Henry Bell (500 Drixton Honda) (135kb)

Henry Bell, Meredydd Owen (126kb)

Mick Moreton (Seeley G50) (92kb)

Arthur Browning (500 BSA Metisse) (149kb)

Arthur Browning (500 BSA Metisse) (134kb)

Derrick Holliland (500 Petty Manx) (103kb)

Trevor Ferguson (500 Petty Manx) (154kb)

Arthur Jones (500 Seeley Matchless) (90kb)

Arthur Jones (500 Seeley Matchless) (107kb)

David Webber (500 Petty Manx) (122kb)

Philip Shaw, David Webber (128kb)

Harold Bromiley (Matchless G50) (98kb)

Ian Bainbridge (500 Manx Norton) (124kb)

Tony Russell (500 Honda) (101kb)

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