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Manx Grand Prix 2007 - Junior/Lightweight Classic race

For 250cc and 350cc classic bikes
Photos taken at the grandstand

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The start

Waiting for the start (179kb)

Waiting for the start (183kb)

I love the smell of two-stroke oil in the morning (181kb)

Ewan Hamilton (Suzuki T20) (92kb)

Mervyn Stratford, Graham Rickman (155kb)

Tony Mason, Bob Simmons (142kb)

Kevin "Ago" Murphy (250 Ducati Mk1) (111kb)

Andy Reynolds (350 Honda) (123kb)

Pit stops

Waiting for Kevin "Ago" Murphy (187kb)

Kevin "Ago" Murphy (250 Ducati Mk1) (203kb)

Peter Symes (Suzuki T20) (181kb)

Peter Lockwood (AJS 7R) (186kb)

Peter Lockwood (AJS 7R) (201kb)

Peter Lockwood (AJS 7R) (198kb)

Robert J. Price (350 Greeves Oulton) (200kb)

Peter Wakefield (Suzuki T20) (195kb)

Peter Wakefield (Suzuki T20) (206kb)

Robert J. Price, Harold Bromiley (163kb)

Mike Hose (250 Ariel Arrow) (192kb)

Ewan Hamilton (Suzuki T20) (184kb)

Peter Richardson (Suzuki T20) (192kb)

John Burrows' 350 Honda being retired (177kb)

Pit crew (103kb)


Junior Classic winners (160kb)

Junior Classic winners (154kb)

Lightweight Classic winners (154kb)

Chris McGahan (150kb)

David Smith (101kb)

Peter Richardson being interviewed for Manx Radio (101kb)

Chris McGahan (350 Honda) (163kb)

Rich Hawkins (350 Ducati MkIII) (192kb)

Keith Dixon (Seeley 7R) (141kb)

Grant Sellars (350 Manx Norton) (184kb)

Mick Moreton (Seeley 7R) (161kb)

David Smith's 250 Yamaha (192kb)


Scouts manning the scoreboard (142kb)

Lights on at Cronk-ny-Mona (167kb)

Fire marshal (113kb)

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