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MG Owners Club / MG Trophy 2009

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit

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MG Owners Club classes A and F

Paul Williams (MG B GT) (131kb)

Paul Williams (MG B GT) (178kb)

Brendan Murphy (MG B) (123kb)

Brendan Murphy (MG B) (113kb)

David Amphlett, Paul Eales (163kb)

David Amphlett (MG B) (121kb)

Chris Flooks (MG B GT) (119kb)

Robin Walker, Peter Higton, Mark Baker (158kb)

Simon Kendrick, Ian Evans (145kb)

MG Owners Club classes B and Z

Matt Short (MG Maestro EFi) (119kb)

Matt Short (MG Maestro EFi) (121kb)

Nigel Pratt (MG Midget) (108kb)

Lee Sullivan (MG ZR160) (103kb)

Gary Smith (MG ZR160) (121kb)

Nick Golhar (MG ZR160) (141kb)

Paul Clackett (MG ZS160) (118kb)

Paul Clackett (MG ZS160) (104kb)

Dan Ludlow (MG Metro GTi) (136kb)

MG Trophy

Philip Standish (MG TF190) (131kb)

David Koskela, Helen Waddington (111kb)

David Koskela (MG TF160) (112kb)

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