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Pre-66 Touring Cars 2010

Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit

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Swift/Swift (1965 Morris Cooper S) (127kb)

Steve Allen (1964 Ford Mustang) (121kb)

Jeremy Cooke, Shaun Lynn (127kb)

Davis/Lynch, David Betts (134kb)

Shaun Lynn (1964 Ford Cortina) (106kb)

Patrick Watts (1965 Ford Mustang) (129kb)

Ingram/Chiles (1965 Ford Mustang) (105kb)

Ingram/Chiles, Wills/Bronson (124kb)

Leo Voyazides (1964 Ford Falcon) (105kb)

Leo Voyazides, Patrick Watts (105kb)

Steve Allen, Berg/Haugland (126kb)

Harding/Whale (1964 Ford Falcon Sprint) (138kb)

Harding/Whale (1964 Ford Falcon Sprint) (118kb)

Kjallgren/Kjallgren (1964 Ford Mustang) (127kb)

Chris Scragg (1962 Jaguar MkII) (109kb)

Mike Wrigley (1965 Ford Mustang) (131kb)

Mike Wrigley (1965 Ford Mustang) (101kb)

Padmore/Padmore (1965 Austin Cooper S) (123kb)

Padmore/Padmore (1965 Austin Cooper S) (111kb)

Wills/Bronson (1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone) (135kb)

Wills/Bronson (1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone) (134kb)

Kremer/Kremer, Wyndham/Salvage (107kb)

Kremer/Kremer (1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia) (117kb)

Kremer/Kremer (1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia) (98kb)

Richard Bateman, Davis/Lynch (110kb)

Beighton/Beighton (1966 Ford Mustang) (98kb)

Beighton/Beighton, Jeremy Cooke (118kb)

Jeremy Cooke (1965 Ford Mustang) (134kb)

Monteverde/Pearson (1963 Ford Lotus Cortina) (105kb)

Melling/Minshaw (1964 Ford Falcon) (138kb)

Melling/Minshaw (1964 Ford Falcon) (111kb)

John Young (1965 Ford Mustang) (118kb)

John Young (1965 Ford Mustang) (139kb)

John Young (1965 Ford Mustang) (144kb)

John Young (1965 Ford Mustang) (135kb)

David Betts (1965 Ford Mustang) (124kb)

Wyndham/Salvage (1964 Ford Falcon) (131kb)

Wyndham/Salvage, Melling/Minshaw (129kb)

Andrew Wenman, Davis/Lynch (129kb)

Andrew Wenman, Davis/Lynch (96kb)

Andrew Wenman (1965 Ford Mustang 350GTH) (127kb)

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