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Exposure Calculators

Exposure Calculator Mini Exposure Calculator

Two sliding-scale, paper exposure calculators to print, cut out and assemble. Particularly useful for users of old, manual cameras (like these).

The larger calculator has the exposure scales all on one side, and some more detailed EV tables on the back. The mini calculator is credit card sized, and is reversible - one side for bright conditions and the other for dim light.

Other exposure calculators

The one that inspired mine - Dave Harris's Exposure-Mat:

And the one that inspired that - Rick Oleson's pocket exposure calculator:

The main functional differences between the Exposure-Mat and my version are:

If neither of those matter to you, I suggest you use whichever one you prefer the look of!

A note about linking

If you want to link to my exposure calculators, please link to this page; don't "hot-link" directly to the PDF files.

The bandwidth to host these files is not free. I've started hosting the Google ads you see on these pages to defray a small fraction of my hosting costs. If you link straight to the PDF file, then your readers will be downloading the PDF from my site without seeing my ads. If they don't see them, then they can't click on them; and if no-one clicks on them then I'm out of pocket (or rather, even more out of pocket than I already was). Thank you for your co-operation.

I am now using protection against hot-linking on the PDF files. If you're reading this then you shouldn't have any problems with the links, but if you are having problems downloading the PDF forms, then please contact me via the contact form.